What To Expect From a Gay Massage

What To Expect From a Gay MassageA lot of the time, expectations don’t meet reality. We imagine something and when that becomes a reality, often times its no where near what we expected. It is very true in the case of getting your first sensual massage from a guy. Sensual does not mean sexual. one dictionary defines it like this: “Anything (doesn’t have to be sexual) that makes you feel good is sensual. Like, a massage, eating chocolate, having a bath or shower, tickling, kissing and hugging, sliding your fingers on your arms and neck, etc. It could also be a nice setting or eating tasty food and drink” – http://www.urbandictionary.com/

With receiving a sensual massage, guys often think it is like in gay porn videos. A hot young guy (usually straight) gets naked and lies down on the table. An older guy, usually very muscular, comes over and places a towel over the guys bum. Then he squirts oil on the guys back (which is not how its done as the oil is usually too cold) and starts rubbing the guys back and moves down to the legs where he gently brushes the guys balls as he does the inside legs. After awhile the guy rolls over on his back with a huge boner where the masseur grabs it and start sucking on it and then fucks the guys brains out on the massage table. Only in porn or at a massage parlour!

A sensual massage should be a turn on but not in a full on sexual frenzy way. I have had plenty of massages and nearly all of them stayed in the bounds of a standard massage with plenty of stretching, pressure and manipulation. Some of them could have quite easily gone into the sensual realm but I think that was more wishful thinking on my part. I can tell you about one experience I had with a guy who did sensual massage but Im not sure thats what I went for. I remember walking in and getting undressed in a warm room and lying down on the table with just my jocks on. He comes in and all I heard was him getting undressed and then he touched me. My body shuddered. I felt something touching the top of my head and realised it was his cock still in underwear. I shuddered again and by this time this guy probably thought he has a nut case on his hands. He  moved over to the side and his cock once again brushed past my arm. thats when I asked him if I could touch it. He said sure but he doesn’t usually let guys do that. I touched it and gave it a gentle squeeze and then he  moved on. I eventually rolled on my back and naturally I had a very hard and painful boner. He massaged for a total of about an hour and before the hour was up, I blew so hard that once again I shuddered and made a huge mess all over myself as well as his table.

The thing was, he never touched my cock. I blew because of everything else he was doing that made me feel so relaxed and comfortable with him that he didn’t have to. I have tried to repeat that feeling for many years and even having sex with the most hottest guy around, I have never achieved it to this day. He wasn’t the most handsome guy nor did he have the best body but it was his hands that were doing the work, not how he looked. THAT is what a sensual massage is all about.


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