The Reason I Dont Do Nude Massages

gay massage melbourneI was asked the other day by a client why I don’t do massages in the nude or in my underwear. A good question I thought and a fair one.

The answer is quite simple. I want the massage to be about the guy I am massaging and not about me. I am not ashamed of my body nor am I under the illusion that I am the best looking guy out there either. It has been my experience over the years that a lot of guys who come to get a sensual massage are also very body conscious. They don’t feel comfortable going to a guy that they consider to be better looking than them or have a fantastic body which in their mind puts theirs to shame. A lot are also either married, partnered in a hereto relationship or are just ‘not out’ to anyone. It is a bit of a contradiction of sorts I guess. A guy that is repressing his sexual urges should be wanting to go to the most handsome masseur he can find so to be in the naked company of another man. But you will find that in many instances, that is not the case. I can testify to that from personal experience.

In the stage of my life when I wasn’t out to family or friends, I went to a gay masseuse once. When I first met him, I felt so intimidated by him that I nearly ran out the door. Not that he did anything to make me feel that way but it was the way he looked. He answered the door in his underwear. He had perfect chiselled abs, flat stomach, gunner arms and powerful legs. Not to mention that arse and what he was packing! From my viewpoint, the guy was perfect. So, for the whole hour, I wasn’t at ease. I felt nervous and wanted the whole thing to be over. Not to mention that I was so turned on by him that I came in my jocks within 10 minutes and I passed it off a pre-cum. I was very embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there even though I enjoyed looking at him, no, literally STARING at him.

So my point is simply this. For me, a massage is about the hands. Its about the feelings you get while my hands run over all parts of your body. Its not about what I look like or don’t look like. I want the guy receiving the massage to fantasise about whatever he wants. The guy he saw at the bus stop, the cute guy at work, the regular guy sitting in the coffee shop at lunch time every day, their partner or some other sexual fantasy they might be entertaining. Fantasise about anyone but me. Most guys are ok with that viewpoint and don’t ask me to strip naked, shirtless or down to my jocks. They get that it is about the hands and what they are capable of doing. To me, if you want to be massaged by a naked guy, then hire an escort. They will do whatever you want them to do within the parameters of what they are comfortable in doing.

I have nothing against masseurs who do nude massages. Thats their business but please understand that for the above reasons, I wont do it even when the money being offered is substantially quite high. This is the philosophy that I live by.


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