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What To Expect From a Gay Massage

A lot of the time, expectations don’t meet reality. We imagine something and when that becomes a reality, often times its no where near what we expected. It is very true in the case of getting your first sensual massage from a guy. Sensual does not mean sexual. one dictionary…

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6 Good Reasons to Get Regular Massages

If you are not sure about getting a massage, then here are 6 good reasons other than ‘because it feels great’ to seriously consider making a booking. In all honesty, massage can make you a much happier person. But, the rock solid benefits of regular massage can make a very…

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The Reason I Dont Do Nude Massages

I was asked the other day by a client why I don’t do massages in the nude or in my underwear. A good question I thought and a fair one. The answer is quite simple. I want the massage to be about the guy I am massaging and not about…

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Who I Am - What I Do - And don't Do


Saw my ad on Craigslist? Then mention that you did and as a special introductory offer, I will give you 10% off your first massage with me as a thank you for trying me out.


Are you looking for a professional gay male that can put you at ease and work away the stresses of your day?  As the name suggests, a gay massage is performed by a gay male on another male, straight, gay or bisexual. We all need a stress release massage on a regular basis. That’s where I come in. People have always said that I give one of the best relaxation massages they have ever received. So I got to thinking, why not offer it as a professional service. So here I am.

My name is Ryan. I studied relaxation massage with one of the best therapeutic and relaxation masseurs around at the time but I only ever gave massages to friends and ‘friends with benefits’ for free. I enjoyed the body contact and I still do. That’s why I think you will find my charges very reasonable as I get as much out of a massage that I give as does the receiver.

I have to make it clear though. I am not an Escort and nor do I offer sex as part of a massage. Ask about my services when you get in touch with me HERE.

I am currently located in Hawthorn but I do travel across Melbourne. In fact, I prefer Out Calls over In Calls as I can be more flexible with times.


Married Guys Need the Touch From a Man Too

I get a lot of enquiries from men who are either married or have girlfriends. Many of them ...

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